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Premium website and mobile app development for COGIO churches.

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When it comes to global outreach and unity, there’s nothing that can’t be achieved through technology.

Over the last 15 years, there’s been a quantum shift in how schools, businesses, and the world at large communicates.  The world has become smaller through social media, and recent advancements in technology allow the average person to simultaneously interacting with people on every continent in real-time.  It’s even commonplace for ministers and church members to use their tablets and smartphones during service to find and discover scriptures, ancient language definitions, and song lyrics.

These global transitions are happening at a rapid pace that make it almost impossible to stay on top of, unless you have a computer science background or a monthly budget of thousands of dollars dedicated to your church’s online presence.  That’s why COGIO has taken the steps to meet every church’s digital needs, notwithstanding size.

One Body – is an exclusive Church of God service aimed at unifying all COGIO churches through inter-connective technologies.  It’s our hope that through this service, churches will get more global and community recognition, members will easily be able to stay informed about activities happening in their local and sister churches, and ministers will be empowered to collaborate on projects.

With a mandate to have every COGIO church’s website online by the end of 2015, COGIO has been able to secure a deal that allows every church, irrespective of congregation size, to have their website and mobile apps built and maintained at an extremely cost-effective rate.

Price For Every Church


The monthly cost includes the following services:

Website & App Development

Complete production of your churches digital brand on all devices.  This includes design, programming, server installation, as well as launching and testing on all devices and modern browsers.

Social Media Integration

Your churches website will connect with your social media accounts and automatically make posts.  This will help alleviate the workload of managing social media pages.

We’ll also prominently display links to all your social media pages.

Online Donations & Bookstore

COGIO and One Body are working on enabling every church to perform transactions online.  This will give your church the ability to accept tithes, offerings, donations, and even setup a bookstore online.

Your churches bookstore materials will also be able to be displayed on the COGIO bookstore; allowing for more exposure.

Inter-Connectivity Between All Churches

Your church will be able to the COGIO network whereby every church’s website will be deeply connected.  When your churches website updates, you’ll be able to choose to make your church’s content immediately available on COGIO websites.

In addition to publicizing content such as events and news, churches will be able to stay up to date and even collaborate on projects via the COGIO network.

Email Management

One Body will add, edit, and remove emails for your church.  We’ll also be able to setup email forwards and add other features that’s configurations may be a bit convoluted in nature.

Storage & Cloud Services

We’ll be adding your church the One Body server and optimizing your service at no additional cost.  All churches will have their web-pages cached and served through a content delivery network (CDN).  Other technical features will be added and adjusted for all churches to maximize the performance of your website.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is essentially a technique use to make sure your website shows up in search engine results like Google.  We’ll monitor statistics about your website and make the necessary adjustments to improve your websites search engine ranking.

On-going Development

COGIO and One Body will be working together to develop advanced inter-connectivity technology for the region.  Your church will continue to receive upgrades and new features, inclusive but not limited to mobile applications (ie. fundraising), email newsletter, instant messaging, winterfest registration, and much more.

We’ll also be providing support everyday of the week.

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