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Bishop Cadmore Lewis

The Church of God Chaplains Commission in Ontario is committed to training and certifying men and women who respond to that call.

Our Mission

The Church of God Chaplains Commission in Ontario is committed to training and certifying men and women who respond to that call. We believe the Church has been given a mandate (in Hebrews 13) to minister to the alienated, lonely, sick and confined as a way of ministering to our Lord. We currently offer training for community service chaplain levels 1 and 2 and community emergency response team (CERT).

Vision Statement – We desire to see chaplains who are well trained community servants, who are conducting themselves in a professional, meaningful, life changing way in which they live through involvement in every sector of community life, be it incarceration, health services, benevolent responses, education, law enforcement, emergency service and other governmental and community support agencies.

Principle – We believe that God has called and inspired ministry outside the walls of the traditional church. As Chaplains who minister in the areas of Critical Incident, Loss, Trauma and Disaster, we believe that training, certification and professionalism is essential in both the religious and secular areas of our ministry. We will endeavor to prepare ourselves Ethically, Morally, and Spiritually in order to present ourselves in the role of qualified and compassionate chaplains, who represent the best of our Churches, our Communities and our God. We will maintain the maximum standards accountability, loyalty and commitment to calling.

Purpose – Community Service Chaplains will establish and maintain a workable and beneficial relationship between our secular and religious/spiritual segments of our society for the purpose of serving in the marketplace and community. The education and training of a Community Service Chaplain is to achieve the most professional cadre of service in the area of Chaplaincy.

While we are committed to training chaplains who have a caring and concerned spirit for their fellowman, we are also committed to train chaplains on the biblical principle of the life of Jesus Christ.

Regional Chaplaincy Board Members

Bishop Cadmore Lewis – Coordinator
Bishop Clifton Hall
Bishop Jorge Velasquez
Rev. Dulcia Thomas
Rev. Madge Wisdom
Rhoda Dyer

For more information, contact Bishop Cadmore Lewis at or 647 825 4449.